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propane for home

Propane for Your Home

Propane Applications in the Home

People trust and rely on propane for heating and cooling their homes, heating water, cooking, refrigeration, drying clothes, barbecuing, interior and exterior lighting and fueling their gas fireplaces. Propane burns cleanly, so it's environmentally friendly.

When used as a home energy source, propane gas offers homeowners reliability, cleanliness, improved performance and, on average, costs significantly less than electricity. EDPRO supplies this exceptional fuel throughout our Associate Dealer network in south western and south central Ontario.

Compliant Solutions

Our commitment to a safe and environmentally compliant installation for your comfort and protection is without compromise and rigourously supported with a comprehensive risk management program across all parts of our business system - equipment installation inspections, standardized maintenance scheduling and execution, certification of all operators and technicians in safe handling of products and equipment and on-going alignment of our internal standards with ever-evolving industry regulations.

Environmentally Friendly
Propane is one of the lightest hydrocarbons in existence, and is one of the cleanestfuel where your operation needs it burning of all alternative fuels.
Dave Barfoot
Associate Dealer

Transparent Pricing

EDPRO's fuel pricing for the Ontario market is based on wholesale pricing by producers in Sarnia. We move our customers' prices upward and downward co-incident with each fluctuation in our wholesale supply cost.We refer to this as "transparent pricing". We believe it builds trust in our relationship with you.

Local Community Suppliers

Our associate dealers live and raise their families in your local communities and pride themselves on delivering the best possible products and services. Our 24/7 service availability means you have peace of mind year-round with a safe and reliable energy supply program.

dealerKevin Weatherbee Associate Dealer