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The Propane Solution

In this age of increased environmental consciousness, propane is one of the most responsible choices. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications, automobile and forklift operations, as well as use in agriculture, propane has been proven safe, efficient, economical and reliable. This highly concentrated source of energy contains no lead,and has an extremely low sulphur. One of the most versatile fuels, propane's biggest environmental attribute is that it is almost 100% clean burning, leaving primarily water vapour and carbon dioxide as its byproducts.

Produced primarily in natural gas production, as well as through the refining process, propane is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic petroleum product which is liquefied to facilitate more convenient storage and transportation. Once liquefied, it's stored under moderate pressure in cylinders or tanks, making the final product highly portable and easily stored and transported by pipeline, rail tank car, or truck for safe delivery to our customers.

With over 10% of the world's known supply, it's also a resource which Canada possesses in abundance. And as this country, and our world, seek new sources of more responsible, efficient and clean energy, propane, and EDPRO, can lead the way.

EDPRO. We provide propane energy solutions.


Proudly one of Ontario's largest propane solution providers, EDPRO focuses on the future while meeting immediate energy needs with responsible, efficient and clean propane.