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propane for forklift

EDPRO's Dedicated Forklift Program

EDPRO has organized a series of dedicated Associate Dealers to serve the forklift power markets across south central and south western Ontario. These dealers have deep experience in cylinder applications and are well trained to handle compliance requirements to ensure adherence to all safety, handling and storage regulations specified by Transport Canada and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) of Ontario. Our cylinder supply programs include:


Some Participants in our Forklift Programs:

propane clients

forklifts associate dealer“More power, lower life cycle costs - propane for forklifts simply means the best overall value.”

Colin Robinson
Associate Dealer

Crisis Resolved - A True Service Experience

forklifts associate dealer"A transportation company had an irregular spike in operational requirements in the midst of a critical company move from one facility to another. What are the odds that on a festive holiday like Boxing Day this company could get instant help with this crisis? After calling EDPRO at 4:00 pm, we delivered emergency fuel replacement cylinders at 5:00 pm. We're proud of that level of responsiveness."

Stephen Parsons,
Associate Dealer