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EDPRO for Fleet Vehicles

EDPRO provides a full turnkey service for fleets to power their vehicles with propane. From a complete fleet assessment and propane conversion technology recommendations, to installing the fueling equipment and providing propane fuel supply, EDPRO offers fleet owners and managers a total propane solution – the most cost effective and easiest clean fuel for fleets to implement.

Propane as a transportation fuel can achieve the following for high-consumption fleets:

Complete Propane Fleet Program

EDPRO supplies fleets, such as law enforcement vehicles, para-transit vehicles, school buses, couriers and urban delivery vehicles with:

Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective

Propane offers the lowest overall life-cycle fuel costs to high consumption commercial fleets, while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improving air quality. For a high consumption fleet operating on propane instead of conventional fuel, the cost savings will typically pay for the conversion investment within the first year.

Propane is less expensive than conventional gasoline, ethanol blended gasoline and diesel on a net fuel cost basis. The price of propane in Ontario, over the past 12 years, has been consistently about 40% lower than gasoline. Propane pricing has been more stable relative to gasoline over that period as well and with abundant Canadian availability, propane supply is not an issue.

EDPRO for fleets: Economically sensible, environmentally responsible, alternative transportation fuel.

"Propane as a transportation fuel is an ideal solution for high consumption light and medium duty fleets in Canada. Propane consistently offers a considerable cost savings over gasoline and diesel fuel, while providing significant environmental benefits along with reduced maintenance costs.”

Robert AllenRobert Allen,
Fleet Solutions