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propane for home

Propane Commercial Applications

Propane can be installed on a stand-alone basis to satisfy any of your commercial applications just about anywhere - quickly and economically.

Whatever Your Need May Be

Wherever Your Need May Be

Propane is the most portable fuel. Storage tanks can be sized to fit in any location and installed safely outdoors to suit any commercial need.

fuel where your operation needs itThe versatility of propane makes it possible to support many different
types of commercial
David Pritchard
Associate Dealer

Fuel Where Your Operation Needs It

Location or availability of other utilities is not a factor - we can bring the fuel to wherever you are for only a nominal rental or investment in storage.

Transparent Pricing

EDPRO's fuel pricing for the Ontario market is based on wholesale pricing by producers in Sarnia. We move our customers' prices upward and downward co-incident with each fluctuation in our wholesale supply cost.We refer to this as "transparent pricing". We believe it builds trust in our relationship with you.