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about edpro

Learn why EDPRO is a rapidly growing propane energy solutions provider in Ontario. Learn more about our vision and strategies, our commercial partners and affiliates.

Who We Are

EDPRO was founded in 1997, with its business offices in London, Ontario. Since then, we have grown to become one of the largest propane solutions providers in Ontario. We think about you and your needs. And because our customers are our most important stakeholders, our investment is in doing everything we can to fulfill your requirements.

We have state-of-the-art terminal facilities located in London, Brampton and Stoney Creek, and provide distribution services through our dedicated fleet of cylinder and bulk delivery units. Our network of specialists are available to serve your needs.

We have established, long term relationships, with a number of Tier One customers, and have the expertise, the capacity, as well as the transportation, information technology and human advisory services, to satisfy your every request. Because at EDPRO we don't just think about the immediate we think about the future too.

EDPRO. We're all about energy solutions.